Empire State Trail Jersey

Ever since the Empire State Trail opened, we’ve been getting requests from many of our customers for an Empire State Trail jersey that they could buy to commemorate their trip.

Perhaps your business has similar clients or customers who would also be interested in purchasing a jersey that commemorates the Empire State Trail.

A few months ago we partnered with Primal and some other collaborators to come up with an idea for an Empire State Trail jersey.

Primal can produce these jerseys for $32 per unit (plus shipping) for an order larger than 100.   We are in the process of reaching out to businesses state-wide to see who is interested in participating in an order with us

To encourage participation, the back of the jersey has a space for logos under “the New York Team”.  Everyone who contributes to the order can have their logo in this space.

Click here for a form if you are interested. (This is only for help setting up the order – we are NOT taking money now)

These are Primal’s Sport Cut Jersey available in both men’s and women’s sizes. If we can assemble a large enough order, we can get the jerseys produced at $32 per unit (plus shipping).  The MSRP is $70, but there will be no price tags attached to the jerseys, and Primal said there were no restrictions on your selling price.

Thank you for your consideration. We are hoping that by reaching out, we can also build relationships as interest in the Empire State Trail continues to grow in our state.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call Lukas Herbert at 917-748-1119 or lukas@gothambiketours.com