We offer the most flexible bike tours in the industry with minimal financial commitment and the widest latitude for rescheduling.
About our private bicycle tours

We offer private, customized bicycle tours to many destinations for groups ranging in size from 1 to 30 riders. We can put together day rides in New York City, the Hudson Valley, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut and beyond that focus on your interests. Or we can work with you to set up overnight or multi-day bicycle adventures where we can carry your gear, arrange your accommodations and more.

All of our private bicycle tours are customized just for you and they are put together by Lukas Herbert, the owner of Gotham Bicycle Tours. Lukas will work directly with you to devise a custom itinerary for your group based on your preferences. The route, length and difficulty of each ride is set up just for you and your individualized itinerary can also be crafted to include visits to particular attractions like wineries or historic sites. All you need to get started is an interest in bike touring and an idea of where you want to go.

Setting up your tour and pricing (overnight tours)

All of our overnight private bicycle tours are put together by proposal after an initial consultation. For overnight tours for groups of up to 6 people, a non-refundable deposit of $500-800 is required to hold a date (it can be tentative). This deposit pays for the customized planning of your tour and you will receive a tour plan that is yours to keep, regardless of whether you do the tour. The tour plan includes all the information to do the tour, including maps, GPS navigation, accommodations, etc. and you can request edits or changes to the tour plan as it is developed.  If you are unable to do your tour, the tour plan is still there to be used on a different set of dates, and you would not need to pay the deposit again if you used this same plan. 

The fee to operate the tour is billed separately, and is (generally) not due until a week before the tour date, which gives you maximum flexibility to cancel or postpone your tour without fear of losing the entire cost of your vacation.  The tour operation fee is typically about $900 per day (per group, not per person) for a package that includes Lukas operating the tour for you with a minivan.  Lukas will be with your group all day and can carry all luggage and personal items in the minivan while you ride. Break stops can be set up as frequently as you like and Lukas is always on stand-by to pick up or help any riders with mechanical problems.  The $900 fee pays for this staff time, the minivan, rest stop snacks and beverages and insurance. Accommodations, bike rentals and other add-ons are billed separately.  Groups above 6 in size pay a different rate depending on how the tour operates.

Setting up your tour and pricing (day tours)

Day tours are also put together by proposal after an initial consultation and are typically priced around $900 for groups of up to 6 people. For a day tour the non-refundable deposit is $200 with the balance due 3 days before the tour.

Please be advised that while the costs above are the typical prices for groups of up to 6 riders, the final cost of the tour depends where the ride will take place, number of people, logistical requirements, etc.  To get started, call Lukas at 917-748-1119 or email him at lukas@gothambiketours.com and he can work with you to create your perfect bike tour. 

For more information and tour ideas, please check out our private tours website:


This website explains more about our private bike tours including tours further beyond the NYC Metro Region, including the Great Allegheny Passage, Erie Canal Trail, Quebec, and the Katy Trail. We offer three categories of  private tours:

Day Rides,  Overnight Bike Tour Experiences  and  Corporate and Group Events