Bicycle touring is a multi-day trip that you take where you use a bicycle to get from place to place instead of a car or some other means.

Some tours can take months where people stay in a different place each night. Other trips can be as short as a weekend. Our trips are set up as 2 or 3-day weekend tours. We also offer day-rides.

You do not need to be a marathon runner to do these trips, but you should be in good physical shape, capable of riding a bicycle for most of a day. The mileage for each day of our overnight tours varies between 16 and 60 miles, but since you have all day, you don’t have to ride all of the miles at once.

A good rule of thumb is if you are able to participate in one of the NYC region’s main cycling events, such as Bike New York or one of the charity rides (like the MS ride) you should be able to do one of our tours without any problems.

Another way to test yourself is to ride the Central Park roadway loop. If you can do this 6.11 mile loop several times in one day (with as many breaks as you want) you can do our tours.

Our day rides are not as strenuous and are suitable for all levels of riders, including complete beginners.

If you’ve never been camping before, it’s not a problem, as long as you have a willingness to try it. Because our tours involve staying at modern campgrounds with experienced campers as trip leaders, the camping experience is not the same as backpacking by yourself in the wilderness.

The main questions to consider if you are new to camping are:

  1. Am I OK with being outside (or in a tent) for a whole weekend, where I could experience temperature changes, rain or bugs?
  2. Am I OK with sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag with a pad or air mattress underneath me?

Many people believe camping to be a wonderful outdoors experience where you “get closer to nature”. As long as this sounds appealing to you, you should be OK. And if you end up hating camping, the good news is that it’s only a 1 or 2-night trip and you aren’t that far from home.

Yes, some of our tours offer the option to stay at a nearby B&B or hotel each night, provided they have the vacancy. You would have dinner with the group at the campground before retiring for the night at your accommodation. If you are interested in the option,we recommend reserving your trip early.

All tours begin on Saturdays. Some are day-rides. Overnight tours can be either 2-day/1-night or 3-days/2-nights depending on the tour.

Day rides are never more than 15 people and overnight tours are never more than 10 people. We do this to ensure a manageable group where people can get to know each other if they want to. Our tours attract a wide variety of people, from all age groups and backgrounds. We usually have both beginner and advanced level riders on every ride. People simply ride at their own pace.

Every tour we operate begins and ends at a LIRR, Metro-North or NJ Transit rail station.

All three of these transit agencies allow you to bring your bicycle on-board the train. All you need to do is get yourself to a train station with your bike and you will be able to get to the starting point. Or, if you don’t want to take the train with your bike, you can drop your bike off with us and take the train with your luggage and other gear.

This tour offers gear transportation so that you do not have to carry everything with you along with your bicycle on the train. We can receive your gear in advance and bring it to the tour for you. There are two options for gear transportation.

Drop off your gear at our offices in Midtown or White Plains during regular business hours the week before the tour. Gear drop off is included in the price of the tour and does not cost extra. You can pick up your gear from our offices the week after the tour.

Gear pick up and delivery at your home. We can come to your home the Thursday afternoon before the tour and pick up your gear from you for $40. This price is “per stop”, meaning that people who live in the same household, or friends willing to team up for one pick-up stop can pay one price. The price also includes delivery of your gear back to your home on the last day of the tour. Gear pick-up is subject to some location restrictions and availability. (For example, we cannot do pick-ups in New Jersey or Staten Island and there must be at least 2 stops scheduled for us to do the gear run).

With all options, you will be able to access your bags before you start riding on Saturday if you need to.

Yes. LIRR, Metro-North and NJ Transit all allow bicycles on-board their trains.

LIRR and Metro-North require bicycle permits. They are $5 and good for the rest of your life. You can buy the permits at Grand Central or Penn Station, or you can buy them on the train from the conductor.

More information can be found at:

Our trips are designed to allow you time to stop and enjoy the various sights and attractions that you will pass on your ride. The trips are also designed to allow you time to enjoy what each destination has to offer at the end of each day.

Most days set up around a 30 mile ride, with options to go further. There can sometimes be a day within the tour that has a longer mileage of about 50 or 60 miles. These distances, while they may seem intimidating, do not actually take that long to ride. Even at 10 miles an hour, a 50 mile ride takes 5 hours…well under the amount of time you have available that day. And if you get tired, you can always call us to pick you up!

We try our best to keep the rides as far away from vehicular traffic as possible. When bike paths are available, we incorporate them into the ride. When they are not, we try to pick roads that have low traffic volumes or wide road shoulders to make the ride enjoyable and scenic.

We also use roads officially designated as “bike routes” when they are available.

We have a support van that can come help you with any breakdown issues. If you break down, you can call us and we will meet you at your location. When we arrive we can fix your bike and you can continue your ride. If you are done for the day, you also have the option of quitting the ride at that point, and we will drive you to the end of the route for that day. We can then help you fix your bike at the campground, later in the day.

PLEASE NOTE: Your bicycle must be in good working order to do our tours. Breakdown assistance is limited to minor repairs such as flat tires, snapped cables, etc. Major mechanical issues involving a bicycle that was in poor condition prior to the start of a ride will not be fixed by our team.

Don’t worry. Just call us and we will meet you at your location and drive you the rest of the way!

We realize that bike touring and camping may not be for everyone, but we want to encourage people to try it. So if you find that bike touring and/or camping is really not for you, you always have the option of ending your tour whenever you like.

Our tours are designed so that they are always within close distance of a train station or a bus stop. We keep schedules for all of these transit services with us. So if you’ve had enough, tell us, and we will get you on the next train or bus home.

We will then carry your bike and/or luggage back to our storage facility at the end of the tour, and you can get you stuff back from us the next week.

Unfortunately, no. We have to pay for all of the trip accommodations in advance, so we cannot refund you your money once the trip begins.

We run the bike trips rain or shine.

If it rains, riding your bike or camping in the rain is part of the experience. However, typically in the summer months, we are unlikely to encounter a situation where it will rain all day.

If it is forecasted to rain, it’s usually possible to take a break during your ride and go someplace inside along the way while the rain passes. Most of the campgrounds we use also have sheltered areas where you can hang out if you don’t want to stay in your tent while it rains. Just remember, rain won’t kill you, especially on a hot summer day!

We will, however, cancel a tour if extreme weather (such as a hurricane or tropical storm) is forecasted for the tour dates. Refunds will be issued in such cases.

The campgrounds we stay at are modern facilities with bathrooms, hot showers, etc. All campgrounds are located near towns where you can purchase goods or services or go to a bar for an after-ride drink.

Yes. We have a small supply of tents, sleeping bags and sleeping pads that we can rent to you for an additional fee if you do not have them. If you rent equipment from us, we will set everything up for you.

We do not have a fleet of rental bikes that we can rent to individuals. However, we can help you find a rental bike if you need one for a tour. Contact us for more information.

Take a look at our recommended packing list for an idea of what you will need to pack for one of our tours.

Day one includes a “go bag” with energy bars/snacks in it when you meet us at the start of the ride. Lunch is on your own wherever you decide to stop. Dinner is provided at the campground.

Day two begins with breakfast at the campground and you’ll get another go bag with energy bars/snacks in it. Lunch is on your own wherever you decide to stop. Dinner is provided at the next campground.

Day three begins with breakfast at the campground and you’ll get another go bag with energy bars/snacks in it. Lunch is on your own wherever you decide to stop. Dinner is also on your own since you may end your ride before dinner. If not, the rides always end at a train station that is near a restaurant or other place to buy food.

We will not provide you with alcohol. However, if you are 21 or older, you may purchase your own alcohol for your own consumption at the campground each night, provided that the campground permits alcohol – some do not. Most of the campgrounds we use are also within short walking distance of a bar. You may not operate a bicycle under the influence of alcohol, since that is against the law. Please, do not litter and be respectful of others in regards to noise.

Some of our tours also feature stops at wineries or distilleries. While these places offer tastings, you must limit the amount you consume if you intend to get back on your bike to do more riding. (For example, you can taste wine using the sip/swish/spit method).

We offer family oriented bike tours where entire families are welcome. If you would like to ride with your child, we recommend you consider these family tours.

As for other, non-family oriented rides, older children/teenagers are allowed on our tours, provided they can ride the distances in the trip itineraries and if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian who will assume responsibility for them.

If you have prior experience doing similar tours with small children, please call us to discuss feasibility. For example, you will not be able to take a bike with a trailer or a tandem bike onto any of the commuter railroads that we use for our trips. However, we may be able to make other arrangements with you concerning transit and gear pickup.

While these tours are primarily set up for NYC people to take the train to and from the rides, we can most likely accommodate you if you are coming from someplace else, or if you cannot use one of train lines.

Please contact Lukas at or (917) 748-1119 to discuss this.


Each tour has their own cancellation policy.

Yes, absolutely. If you want to pay with a check, please email us and we will tentatively reserve your spot for 3 days while we wait for the check to arrive. Mail the check to:

Gotham Bicycle Tours
4380 Vireo Avenue #5S
Bronx NY 10470